welcome. our food is designed to share." SHARING IS FUN . We recommend ordering several dishes and passing them around

Albany rock oysters, yuzu, and lemongrass vinaigrette, half doz. 24  gf

akoya ROCKEFELLER. Akoya baked with pernod cream,

cavolo nero, garlic, gruyere, and parsley crumb HALF DOZ. 32

Crudo. Local fish with sawtooth coriander, kaffir lime leaf,

holy basil, pickled radish, prawn cracker. 24   gf

Pho onion dip, potato crisps. 16   gf

Crispy fried whitebait, tamarind mayo. 14   gf

Grilled rice paper rolls, peanut and hoisin dipping sauce. V df 18

French Fries. Garlic and Rice Vinegar Mayo or Pho Gravy. 12   v df

Loaded Fries what drunk dreams are made of. 16 with smoked brisket. 20

Steak Tartare. Quails Egg, Grilled Rice Paper. 18 df gf

Crispy Chicken Bao. hoisin, slaw, sriracha mayo, toasted sesame. 9.5-vego avail

Chicken Salad. with shredded cabbage, mint, sesame, peanut, radish and green chilli. 24   gf df

Garlic Chilli, Crab Noodles. AKA Crack Noodles. The Liberte addicts drug of choice.  28

Crispy lemongrass brined Pork Belly, candy beet and dill salad, mustard seed nuoc cham, beet pickled egg. 34   gf

Hoisin and 5 spice jumbo quail, charred corn and herb salad, fried shallots. 32

Marron and pork banh xeo, a crispy fried crepe filled with local marron, pork belly, spring onion, beansprouts, nuoc cham for dipping. 36 gf

Steak Frites. pan seared 270g Butterfield Sirloin, maggi and fried shallot butter,

Fries, Watercress. 42

Seasonal Greens. with Maggi, garlic.  16 v df

Steamed Jasmine Rice.  sml 4 /or large.  8   v df gf

The fine print.

we are partial to using peanuts &and chilli throughout our menu, if you are sensitive to either

please let us know and we can help accommodate your needs.


welcome. our food is designed to share." SHARING IS FUN . We recommend ordering several dishes and passing them around



Ginger creme brulee. Seasonal fruit, brandy snap, fruit tingle sherbert. 16

Profiteroles. Vietnamese coffee ice cream, chocolate ganache, hazelnut, pistachio. 16 gf

Coconut sticky rice. W green mango and pistachio praline 16



Amari are aromatic, herbal, bittersweet liqueurs traditionally served as a digestif after a meal. We love them. They are wonderful.

Each 30ml pour is served with ice and garnish. 13

Amaro Montenegro: Sweet, light bitterness. Tangerine, cucumber, black cherry, orange.

Zucca Rabarbaro: Sweet-ish with notes of smoked rhubarb and bitter orange.

Averna: Cola, orange peel, licorice, vanilla. Subtle bitterness.

Cynar: Savoury, herbal and earthy vegetal notes, sweet caramel finish.

Fernet Branca: Strong and medicinal, 27 herbs, spices, roots, barks and botanicals.

Braulio: Highly aromatic with pine, chamomile, floral bitterness and warm spice.

Becherovka: Mentholated medicinal with clove, ginger, cinnamon, honey and bark.

Or otherwise try some:

Not Your Nanna’s Brandy. 13

Great Southern Distilling Co. Oraiste orange liqueur. 13

Need tea and an after-dinner liqueur? House blend lapsang, citrus zest and black tea served with Oraiste orange liqueur. 13


We use Beck and Call, single origin Ethiopian coffee, roasted specifically for our French press. Choose cream or milk. 4.5 per cup.

T-Nomics loose leaf flavours: English breakfast, earl grey, mao feng green, peppermint, lemongrass and ginger. 4.5 per cup.